Exam View

ExamView® allows you to quickly and easily create, administer, and score paper and online tests. 

The ExamView Assessment Suite is comprised of the ExamView Test Generator, ExamView Test Manager, and ExamView Test Player. Foundations test banks are installed simultaneously with the software.

  • Test Generator: Create and manage tests, quizzes, and worksheets using content from question banks.

  • Test Manager: View reports of test results and manage a class.

  • Test Player: Take tests that have been published on a LAN.

Level One ExamView Download

Windows installer
Mac installer

Level Two ExamView Download

Windows installer
Mac installer

Note: In order to be able to download the above files, you must have purchased the corresponding product.

For any questions on how to use ExamView® or for questions about creating your profile, please contact the ExamView® customer support team at 866-746-3015. You can also visit www.turningtechnologies.com/support for video tutorials and documentation or to submit a support ticket.

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