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Get more from your book! With an OpenPage E-book, students can search the text, create a digital notebook, bookmark important topics, access videos directly from the book, and test their knowledge with practice quizzes built right into the platform. Teachers can share annotations with their classes and access reports to check how the group is engaging with the material and performing on quizzes. 

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Ebook Access Instructions

Educators teaching from the second edition of Foundations of Restaurant Management will receive complimentary access to the teacher e-book.

  • If you have not already received an access key, contact your sales representative or email
  • Once you receive your unique teacher access key, follow the instruction below for creating your account.
  • To access best practices and tips for using the teacher e-book, download the Educator OpenPage Guidelines. 

Activating your Ebook Account

1.     You will need your unique Ebook access key.
Helpful hint: Access keys for students are emailed directly to the purchaser for distribution to teachers and students. Instructors recieve educator access through their Sales Representative. 

2.     Visit the E-Book Homepage and select “Sign Up”.

3.     Complete the required input fields (name, email and password) and select “Create Account”.

4.     An email with an activation link will be sent to the email address you provided. Click on the “Activate Account” link within the email to confirm activation.  
Helpful Hint: This link is good for 24 hours so confirm it right away. After that you will need to start over and “Sign Up” again.

5.     Using the log in details you provided when you created your account, you will be able to access the web reader and see your bookshelf.

6.     From the My Bookshelf page, select “Access Key” (top right) and enter the digital access key provided in this email.

7.     Select “Activate” to register and complete the access key registration.

8.     Once you have completed the above steps the FRMCA, 2e E-Book will appear in your bookshelf. Helpful Hint: Bookmark this page in your FRMCA Companion site so that you always know where to log in and how to access your ebook. 

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